Alabama Unemployment Guide

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In the state of Alabama, the unemployment insurance program is administered through the Department of Labor. Alabama offers online unemployment insurance claim filing, and their UI office can be reached by calling 1-866-234-5382 or by using the official links below:

Alabama unemployment insurance program

Unemployment insurance

Learn about the unemployment insurance eligibility requirements for Alabama. If you are eligible, you can start filing for Alabama unemployment insurance today.
You can use this online Alabama unemployment benefit calculator to see what your weekly benefit amount and duration will be.
Learn how to file for Alabama unemployment insurance.
Need assistance in filing for a claim or understanding how the Alabama unemployment program works? You can find help here.
These are frequently asked questions concerning the Alabama unemployment insurance program, viewing them will help you better understand the claim process and become familiar with the terminology.
This is the official Alabama unemployment insurance website. You can get information related to the unemployment insurance program that includes who is eligible for compensation and how to claim your unemployment benefits.

Alabama job training and re-training initiatives

Training programs

This is the official Alabama online resource for approved training programs. You can find training providers and schools, training and education programs, financial assistance links, and online learning resources.

Alabama job openings and career options

Job openings

This is the official Alabama job listing and re-employment website. You can perform current job searches, submit resumes, and receive state resources designed to help you get back to work quickly.
Alabama has granted preference to veterans for government positions and training programs. The US government also has a great online resource for hiring veterans, go to to learn more.

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